Lime Trees Varieties


Lime tree varieties include:


  • There are two primary types of lime trees. The most popular lime tree for gardeners in North America is the Mexican lime, or the key lime. The Tahiti or Persian lime is the lime most often found in grocery stores.


  • Both types of lime trees have a few varieties, but there are not many differences among the variations, according to the Center for New Crops and Plant Products at Purdue¬†University.

    Varieties of the Mexican lime include the Everglade, which was pollinated by a grapefruit or pummelo flower, has a light yellow peel and grows fruit in clusters. The Kagzi variety grows primarily in India and the Yung has no thorns. Palmetto is a variety of Mexican lime with pale yellow skin pollinated by a lemon.

    For the Tahiti lime, there have been a few named varieties, but most have disappeared either because they were indistinct from a regular Tahiti lime or because they were vulnerable to disease. The current variants are USDA No. 1 and USDA No. 2, which are similar to typical Tahiti limes but seem to be free of viruses.