Fig Tree Varieties

Fig Tree Varieties -

The fig tree can grow up to 50 feet tall, but is usually about 10 to 30 feet tall. Fig trees tend to grow better and produce good quality fruit if grown in Mediterranean and other dry and warm-temperature climates. Fig trees are commonly grown in Texas, California, Oregon and Washington. Some fig varieties do not require pollination so one tree will bear fruit.

The Celeste fig is brown to purple in color and small. Celeste has a rich, sweet flavor and is pear-shaped. The fig has a short neck with a slender stalk and the pulp is whitish or pinkish. These figs are almost seedless. Celeste figs are most commonly grown in Texas.

Brown Turkey
The brown turkey variety of fig has the longest ripening season and is excellent for making homemade preserves. It has a reddish-brown skin, reddish-pink pulp and sours more quickly than the Celeste fig. The fruit of the brown turkey is small to medium in size and grown on all the islands in Hawaii.

Brunswick figs are medium size and a bronze to purple-brown color. The figs usually have no neck and the fruit stalk is often thick. Brunswick has a whitish pulp near the skin with a pinkish inside. This fig is nearly seedless. An abundance of Brunswick fig trees are found in Texas and on the islands of Hawaii.

The Marseilles fig is round and medium in size. It has large seeds and white pulp; the fruit is yellowish-green with green flecks. This variety of fig is very sweet. Marseilles is commonly found in California.

Adriatic figs are medium in size and have red pulp. The fruit is green to yellowish-green, and has a very distinctive flavor. Adriatic fig trees can sometimes be found in the state of Washington.

The Genoa fig is above medium in size and is a just fair in quality: it is not as sweet as other varieties. The fruit is greenish-yellow, and has mostly pink pulp with some hints of red, and greenish-white near the skin. This variety of fig is common in Chile and Argentina.

Purple Genca
Purple genca is oblong and large, and very dark purple in color. The pulp is yellow with red towards the center. These figs have a sweet, rich flavor. They are very common in Argentina and Chile.

Black Ischia
Black Ischia is a pear-shaped, Italian variety of fig. The figs are dark purple-black with many golden flecks, and the pulp is violet-red. This tree is a very weak tree commonly found in Chile.

Poona is bell-shaped and of medium size. It has light-purple skin and a red pulp. This variety of fig tree is found in Chile and India.


by John Donges under CC-SA