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Peach Tree Varieties -


Popular variety because of its good shipping qualities. It is a large, firm peach. Fruit is bright red (90%) over a yellow undercolor. It is mild and low in acid content. Vigorous tree. Usually bears by the third or fourth season. Ripens just after Elberta. Good for drying.

Fruit is uniform, medium to large in size, nearly round, golden yellow with a bright red blush. Firm, juicy, clear, bright yellow freestone flesh. Good canner, freezer and shipper. Tends to overset. Fair tolerance to bacterial spot. Ripens three days after Elberta. Above average bud hardiness.

Elegant Lady
Ripens mid-July, a few days after Flamecrest. Fruit is of large size, firm and good flavor. Skin is a bright red. An excellent producer and excellent shipping peach.

Fay Elberta
Large, yellow skin freestone with little red blush, that has fairly good shape and good flavor. Flesh is yellow, fine-grained with good firmness. Similar to Elberta, but blooms earlier and ripens 1 to 6 days after Elberta. A shipping and canning variety for California.

Ripens around the same time as Redhaven. Fruit is large, round, semi-freestone with a yellow flesh that is exceptionally firm, smooth-textured and highly-flavored. The exterior color is bright red over a bright yellow ground color. Appears to be winter bud hardy. Heavy fruit set. Good shipper.

Forty Niner
Large size fruit, skin is brightly blushed over yellow ground color that is very attractive. Flesh is yellow with excellent quality. It is a freestone ripening one week before J.H. Hale and Elberta. It resembles J.H. Hale.

Garnet Beauty
Medium to large, slightly elongated, almost fuzzless, red fruit, similar to its parent, Redhaven. Firm, yellow, semi-freestone flesh streaked with red. Smooth fine texture. It is good for canning and freezing. Ripens 30-32 days before Elberta; 8-10 days before Redhaven. Quite bud hardy to cold temperatures.

Giant Babcock (White)
White medium size fruit with a red blush, with almost fuzzless skin and white flesh. Flesh is tender, very juicy and sweet, semi-freestone flesh turns red around the pit with good quality, aromatic flavor. It is mild, with low acid. Ripens two weeks before Elberta.

Large nearly round, attractive yellow freestone fruit. Very tough, mostly red skin is practically fuzzless with a deep yellow ground color. Firm yellow flesh is resistant to browning. Superior canning and freezing qualities. Tree is vigorous and productive. Excellent quality for fresh market and commercial processing. Keeps and ships very well.

J.H. Hale
Old variety; still one of the best. Exceptionally large, round, uniform, freestone fruit is golden yellow overlaid with carmine. Skin is smooth and almost fuzzless. Firm, fine-grained, deep yellow flesh is free from stringiness and has delicious flavor. Good for home canning and fresh use; outstanding handling and shipping peach. Hangs well; excellent keeper. Requires pollination. Pollinate with Rio Oso Gem. Consistent producer; requires good soil. Ripens a few days before or with Elberta. Winter tender.

Freestone with yellow flesh. Has all the qualities of Redhaven plus added brightness and sizing ability. Excellent for freezing. Reliable cropper; cold hardiness is equal to Redhaven. Starts to ripen midway in the Redhaven season; can be harvested with fewer pickings. Ripens 24 days before Elberta.

Popular fresh market variety. Large size fruit that is a freestone, round to irregular shape. Skin color is 75% to 100% red blush. Flesh is yellow, streaked with red, superb flavor. It is very firm, stores well and is an excellent shipping peach. Because of the firmness it can be picked just twice. Strong, vigorous, heavy-bearing, self-fruitful tree.

Red Globe
A large, round freestone. Skin is highly blushed red over golden yellow background. Firm, yellow flesh has excellent flavor. Complete absense of red in the flesh makes it an outstanding canning peach. Bruise resistant, good shipper. Good quality. Trees are vigorous and productive.

Medium, nearly fuzzless fruit, color is a beautiful red and golden yellow. Flesh is firm, smooth textured and fine-flavored, becomes freestone as it ripens. Excellent for dessert, canning and freezing. Vigorous, strong growing, self-fertile tree bears young.

Fruit is large, firm freestone with medium red blush covering 80% of the surface. Flesh is deep yellow, slightly coarse in texture. Flavor is excellent for both fresh market and canning. Tree is vigorous, productive and self-fertile. It is a top quality selection for mid-season. Ripens ten days after Redhaven.

Summer Lady
A distinct variety of peach tree, denominated “Summer Lady”, producing freestone fruit similar to that of the Ol’ Henry peach but ripening one week to ten days earlier under the same cultural practices.

Large, round freestone, attractive that colors to about 80% bright red blush over yellow background. Flesh is yellow and exceptionally firm with good texture and flavor. Vigorous, self-fruitful, productive trees have a good hardiness record where tested in Eastern sites. Good shipper that is proving to be a good commercial market peach.


Peach Named Cultivars

Fresh Market (Yellow Flesh)

AllstarTM (FA 80) Matures 2 days prior to Harrow Beauty and is a medium-sized, bright red fruit with clear yellow flesh. The fruit is medium firm with fair quality. The fruit and the tree have shown signs of bacterial spot.

BlazingstarTM Matures 3 days after Redhaven. Highly coloured, round and attractive, firm-fleshed peach. Size and fruit quality are acceptable. The fruit and the tree are susceptible to bacterial spot.

Bounty New cultivar from USDA-Kearneysville, West Virginia, ripening 2 days before Loring. It has more colour compared to Loring, is rounder in shape and has better flavour. Bounty has had light crops under extreme cold winter conditions in Ontario.

Brighton Has shown promise as an early-ripening peach. The fruit are medium in size, attractive red in colour and of good quality, but have a clingy flesh. Brighton ripens 5 days after Garnet Beauty.

CoralstarTM Matures 4 days prior to Harrow Beauty and is medium to large in size, bright red and has clear yellow flesh. The fruit is medium firm with only fair-to-poor quality. The fruit and the tree are susceptible to bacterial spot.

Cresthaven Ripens 10 days after Harrow Beauty with firm, large fruit. It is moderately susceptible to bacterial spot. The fruit lacks sufficient colour to compete against other cultivars.

Early Redhaven This Redhaven sport ripens 2 days after Garnet Beauty, but with similar characteristics. The fruit may be more highly coloured and smaller, and the firmer flesh tends to be clingy. Early Redhaven has been widely planted during recent years.

Flamin Fury® PF-5B Early results from a grower CanAdapt trial indicate that it ripens 1 day after Harrow Diamond and is medium sized with good crops. The fruit has an attractive red blush with few split-pits and medium-to-good tolerance to bacterial spot.

Flamin Fury® PF-15A Early results from a grower CanAdapt trial indicate that it ripens 1 day before Redhaven and is medium sized with good crops. The fruit has an attractive red blush with very few split-pits. It has medium to good tolerance to bacterial spot.

Flamin Fury® PF-17 Ripens 2 days after Harrow Beauty and is medium sized with good crops. The fruit has a dark red, highly coloured blush with good quality. It has good tolerance to bacterial spot.

Flamin Fury® PF-23 Ripens 6 days after Harrow Beauty and is medium sized with good crops. The fruit has a scarlet red, highly coloured blush with good quality. It has fair-to-good tolerance to bacterial spot.

Flamin Fury® PF-24 007 Early results from a grower CanAdapt trial indicate that it ripens 10 days after Harrow Beauty and is large sized with good crops. The fruit has a fair colour and blush with good quality. It has medium-to-good tolerance to bacterial spot.

Garnet Beauty This bud sport of Redhaven ranks second in number of trees to its parent in Ontario. Garnet Beauty is a good-quality peach, ripening about a week after Harrow Diamond. It is attractive, usually not subject to split-pits, but not fully freestone.

GlowingstarTM Ripens 11 days after Harrow Beauty and has medium-to-large-sized fruit with good crops. The fruit has a bright red colour with good blush and quality. It has good tolerance to bacterial spot.

Harbrite Ripens 4 days after Redhaven. It is bud-hardy and a good peach for its season. Fruit is medium to large, round, with an attractive red colour. The fruit are resistant to bacterial spot and brown rot.

Harcrest Ripens just before Redskin and promises to be a late-season cultivar with good disease resistance. The fruit of Harcrest are medium large, quite firm, good quality, and have good winter hardiness and disease resistance but no better blush than other cultivars in this late season.

Harken Ripens 2 days after Redhaven. The large, attractive peach has a good red colour covering most of its surface and a bright yellow ground-colour. The flesh is firm and of good quality. Because it oxidizes slowly, Harken freezes well. Resistance to bacterial spot and brown rot is good.

Harrow Beauty Ripens with Loring and Canadian Harmony but is more winter-hardy. The very firm, highly attractive, medium-sized fruit ships well. The rich yellow flesh has a red pigment around the pit cavity. Leaves and fruit have good resistance to bacterial spot and brown rot.

ACTM Harrow Dawn (PBR 0573 formerly HW 254) This new AAFC-Harrow introduction ripens 11 days before Redhaven. Tree is hardier than Redhaven, vigorous, productive, and medium-to-high field resistance to bacterial spot, brown rot and canker. Fruit is very attractive, bright red blush on a yellow background, uniform ripening, medium size, firm yellow flesh, usually freestone when ripe, medium-to-good quality, very few split-pits.

Harrow Diamond Ripens about 1 week before Garnet Beauty. It is winter hardy, disease resistant and has few split-pits. The fruit have an attractive red blush over a bright yellow background; the deep yellow, low-oxidizing flesh is of good quality and is nearly freestone when fully matured. Because the fruit is small-to-medium sized, this cultivar must be thinned early and adequately to obtain suitable size.

ACTM Harrow Fair (PBR 0574 formerly HW 259) This new AAFC-Harrow introduction is harvested a week before Harrow Beauty. The medium-to-large, round fruits are brightly coloured, juicy and flavourful. The trees have good disease resistance. A good variety to precede Harrow Beauty.

Harson Ripens with Redhaven. The highly coloured, attractive medium-to-large-sized fruit are nearly freestone, firm and of good quality. The crop is uniform and packs out very well. The strong and productive trees have above-average field resistance to bacterial spot, brown rot and Leucostoma canker diseases.

Jim Wilson Ripens 1 day before Veeglo at Vineland and may provide a good alternative for that season. The large, round fruit are attractive, and the firm flesh is freestone. The vigorous, strong trees are capable of sizing the fruit with full crops. The cultivar is more resistant to bacterial spot than Veeglo.

Loring This late-season peach is large, firm, yellow-fleshed, freestone and known for its good quality. Loring lacks winter hardiness and should not be planted on marginal sites. Once an industry standard, it now lacks sufficient red skin colour to compete with newer cultivars.

RedstarTM Ripens with Redhaven and is medium sized with good crops. The fruit has a scarlet-orange colour with good blush, fair quality and few split-pits. It has good tolerance to bacterial spot.

Redhaven This older mid-season peach is an attractive red colour with good fruit quality. Trees frequently set heavy crops and must be adequately thinned to attain size. The crop ripens unevenly, and trees must be harvested several times. When well grown and properly handled, Redhaven is a superior cultivar with good winter hardiness.

Redskin A medium-sized, good-quality, late-ripening freestone with fairly good colour. Trees tend to be somewhat willowy but are very productive.

RisingstarTM Ripens 1 day before Garnet Beauty and has medium fruit size with fair-to-good crops. It has an orange-red colour with good blush, fair-to-good quality and few split-pits. It has good tolerance to bacterial spot.

Springcrest Ripens 2 days prior to Harrow Diamond and is considered an early peach for the local fruit stands and fruit markets. Fruit size is small and has several early split-pit fruit. Skin can be very deep purple as it matures. This cultivar is also winter sensitive.

StarfireTM Ripens 1 day after Redhaven and has medium fruit with good crops. It has scarlet orange-red blush with good fruit quality and few split-pits. It has good tolerance to bacterial spot.

Veeglo A cultivar between Redhaven and Loring. The round fruit have a bright yellow undercolour and are suitable for freezing and canning. Veeglo is only moderately resistant to bacterial spot.

Vivid Has bright red, attractive, firm fruit that are above average in size and of good quality. The trees are vigorous and productive. Vivid has become an important cultivar to follow Redhaven. It is less winter hardy than Redhaven. Do not plant on marginal sites.

Vollie NEW (formerly V55061) A late-season cultivar between Loring and Cresthaven seasons with medium-large, attractive red fruits. The fruits have a very good flavour and nice melting flesh. The trees have moderate-to-good disease resistance. This variety consistently crops well.
Fresh Market (White Flesh)

BlushingstarTM (FA 18) Harvested 2-4 days after Loring. Round, medium-to-large fruit attractively blushed with pinkish-red overcolour, firm flesh of good quality. Good tree, productive but moderately susceptible to bacterial spot disease.

White Lady Ripens 5 days after Redhaven. Round, firm and very attractive. Low acid flavour with moderate aromatic character. It is also moderately susceptible to bacterial spot disease.



Babygold 5 Once considered a standard in Loring season due to its large size and quality, tree hardiness, productivity and winter hardiness. Due to its susceptibility to bacterial spot, brown rot and the upright tree growth habit, it is being replaced by cultivars with greater disease resistance such as Venture .

Babygold 7 Ripens 9 days later than Babygold 5 and extends the season for processing peaches. Like Babygold 5, the large fruits are of exceptional quality for processing. The upright trees, although productive and winter hardy, are difficult to train. The fruit is susceptible to brown rot disease and tends to drop at maturity.

Catherina® (FredericaTM) This new clingstone cultivar, formerly tested as NJC-83, was developed at the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. Introduced in France by the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), it ripens 10 days before Babygold 5. The moderately vigorous and spreading trees consistently produce good crops of medium-to-large fruit that are round and firm with an orange-yellow flesh and a sub-acid flavour. The trees are moderately resistant to Leucostoma canker and bacterial spot diseases. A good choice for a processing peach cultivar that ripens between Veecling and Babygold 5.

Veecling Ripens 17 days before Babygold 5 (2 days after Redhaven), The strong, productive trees produce large, good-quality fruit. Veecling is tolerant to bacterial spot but is subject to split-pits and red colouration in the flesh. The processor is not supporting any new plantings as superior cultivars are introduced.

VentureTM (formerly V75024) This new cultivar, introduced in 2000, ripens 2 days after Babygold 5 and is capable of producing large crops of large fruit of good quality and firmness. The fruit has some red in the flesh near the pit under certain conditions but no more than Babygold 5. The fruit has good resistance to bacterial fruit spot and brown rot and hangs well on the tree. The strong and productive tree is less upright than the Babygolds and easier to train. An excellent variety to replace Babygold 5.

Vinegold Ripens 8 days before Veecling and is a good choice for an early-season canning peach. The strong and spreading trees are productive and moderately disease resistant. The medium-large fruit are of a uniform round-blocky shape and process into a richly coloured product. Split-pits have been observed during some fruiting seasons.

Virgil Ripens 5 days before Veecling. The large, round and uniform fruit has firm flesh and good quality. The fruit is also free of red colour and resistant to split-pits. The trees are moderately resistant to bacterial spot, brown rot and Leucostoma canker. The uniformity of harvest makes this cultivar a good choice to precede Veecling.

VitallTM NEW (formerly V851610) A very late processing peach with medium-sized fruits. It ripens 5-7 days after Babygold 7. It can be a good choice for Southwestern Ontario peach-growing regions. This cultivar should be planted away from the Lakeshore area in the Niagara region to ensure it receives adequate heat units during the ripening period.

Vulcan Ripens 12 days before Veecling, this commercial cultivar is the earliest maturing processing peach. The medium-sized, round fruit have a red over colour and a firm golden flesh. Vulcan is surprisingly free of split-pits for the early season. The trees are vigorous, winter hardy and resistant to bacterial spot and Leucostoma canker, but moderately susceptible to brown rot disease.

Grilled Peaches
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